The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is a registered British charity that strives to promote and advance civil engineering. It is a non-profit-making professional institution founded in 1818 in London. In 1820 Thomas Telford, one of the leading civil engineers of the time, became the first President of ICE and helped the Institution gain its Royal Charter from King George Ⅳ in 1828.

英国土木工程师协会(简称ICE)于1818年创建于英国伦敦,是一家经注册批准的享有慈善机构权利的非营利性行业组织,致力于促进和推动土木工程行业的发展。1820年,当时土木工程师界的翘楚Thomas Telford当选为ICE的第一位主席,在他的推动下,ICE于1828年被乔治四世国王授予皇家特许证书。

In Britain the professions (medical, legal, engineering etc) are regulated by independent bodies like ICE who receive their authority and independence directly from the Crown through the mechanism of a Royal Charter. The basis of a Charter is that the professional body for each profession regulates the activities of its members so as to benefit the interests of the societies in which they operate and places these interests above those of individual members and of those who commission them.


ICE membership is recognised as an international standard of quality and allows a professional civil engineer to practise in most countries of the world. We are proud to represent some of the very best civil engineers in the profession.


Today we are a global organization with over 82,000 members in 166 countries. ICE is still based in London but today has offices throughout the UK and the rest of the world including three China offices (Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong).


The Institution acknowledges and admires China’s many civil engineering achievements in recent years but also recognizes the enormous challenge still facing China to develop a modern infrastructure to accommodate further economic growth. The Institution’s governing body has supported an initiative to share the Institution’s experience gained internationally by the Institution Membership through offering a membership programme to Chinese civil engineers.


As defined by our charter, our charitable object – to foster and promote the art and science of civil engineering – is a purpose which is for the benefit of society as a whole.

Our core values

Underpinning the work of ICE and our members are our core values:
Trust and honesty
Ethical behavior and integrity
High standards
Quality and professionalism




Our vision

To place engineers at the heart of society, delivering sustainable development through knowledge, skills and professional expertise.



Core purpose

To develop and qualify professionals engaged in civil engineering
To exchange knowledge and best practice for the creation of a sustainable natural and built environment
To promote our contribution to society worldwide


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